Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival

Festival Review: Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival 2016

Festival season has officially kicked off with an epic and very successful first year festival; Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival! This first-year festival did more than catch a few festival-goers. It SOLD OUT, opening its doors to over 35,000 people! With five stages, sandy beaches, a once-in-a-lifetime "powwoww," and an impressive array of festival activities, Okeechobee paved the way to an unforgettable experience. What a phenomenal way to begin the 2016 festival season!

Here are a few reasons why Okeechobee Festival was so successful through the eyes of your average festy-goer:

1)   Smooth Sailing and Organization: The most important concept of a festival is the smooth running logistics behind it.  Being present throughout the duration of this fresh festival, I can attest that from the drive in, to the drive out, the event radiated an organized rhythm. The festival was stacked with numerous volunteers on hand to guide excited attendees and tend to their every need. The main stage commute was a seamless journey complete with easy going checkpoints and all.

2)   Multiple Stages: Okeechobee Festival did it right providing live music 24hrs a day, morning, noon and night. Two of the five stages were dedicated to providing late night entertainment for the insomniacs to dance the night away! The 3 main stages, entitled Be, Here, and Now, hosted a majority of the main acts totaling over 200 artists. The festival organizers did a great job of distancing the five stages so as not to interfere with the sound barrier as well providing short commutes for worn out spectators. Lastly, the Floridians made sure to provide plenty of shaded areas for those unaccustomed to the southern heat. They even had palm trees for you to hang your hammocks in. I personally watched a few sets from the comfort my hammock while relaxing in the tropical woods.

3)   Artist Variety: Bassnectar, Kendrick Lamar, Skrillex, Robert Plant, Odesza, The Avett Brothers, Future, and Big Gigantic don’t even cover half of the headliners that performed at this festival! Every artist played a phenomenal set and the crowd seemed to reciprocate their energy. Whether a day-tripper or a night owl, you were always surrounded by other upbeat individuals. To top it off, the artists and performers only added to the sensational experience. Seeing the different attendee cultures was a magical experience.  

4)   Good Vibe Tribe: Entering the Okeechobee portal with good vibes came easy. Everything and everyone around you including the beautiful tropical forest radiated positive energy! The festival worked hard to provide a clean and sustainable experience to ensure each festival guest was comfortable and relaxed. Such accommodations provided the perfect surroundings for which hungry festival-goers could feed their soul with creativity and connect with the unique people around them.

5)   The Experience: Personally, I was so amazed by this experience; Okeechobee is now my top-rated music festival. The landscaping was absolutely perfect accompanied by an assortment of artists allowing me to expand my music appreciation to new genres. The weekend’s sunshine still has me daydreaming of the incredible experience that was Okeechobee. My advice: DO NOT miss Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival 2017 and enter into the irreplaceable portal of imagination and creativity!